What Are Xanthones

What Are Xanthones?

Nutrients called Xanthones are most prevalent in the mangosteen fruit – tropical, delicious fruit found in Southeastern Asian countries

They exist in traces, in amounts so minimal throughout nature as to escape notice. The mangosteen fruit has this vital ingredient concentrated in the pericarp, the outer rind of the fruit that is not commonly consumed. Naturally, xanthones were not noticed for a long time.

Xanthones are phytonutrients. Apart from the very rich nutritional value, the phytonutrients are antioxidants.

The action of antioxidants helps rid the free radicals in the body and thus prevent any unwanted attacks or metabolic breakdowns. Of the 40 or so xanthones present in the pericarp of the fruit, the ones that beneficial to us are the alpha-mangosteen and the gamma-mangosteen.

XANTHONE’S Role In Our Body

The human cells come under attack from the free radicals leaving them open to cell damage. The free radicals attack the lipids and the membranes by oxidation. The only way, this is prevented, is when you have an antioxidant nearby to help you out.

These Xanthones strengthen the cell walls, help fight against loose radicals and prevent infections from taking place. This process in turn enhances the immune system of the body and aids the metabolic activity.

Xanthones may also help people maintain flexible joints and keep lungs healthy. The same anti-inflammatory benefits also contribute to reducing the problems associated with allergies.

Xanthones have been found in some scientific studies to prevent the development of cancer cells. On the flip side of that benefit, it is not suggested to be taken if taking cancer medications. Though mangosteen has many positive benefits, it needs to be viewed as a preventive herb or extract and not a miracle cure.

Easiest Way To Implement More XANTHONES In Your Everyday Diet

The traditional method of consuming this fruit is by eating it straight.

However, the advantage of drinking the juice may have additional health benefits. The vast majority of  Xanthones are found in the rind of the mangosteen, which is part of the juice content. There are many who prefer the juice since this eliminates a lot of unnecessary peeling and handling that gets the hands and the clothes messy.

Also, many prefer the juice since eliminates a lot of unnecessary peeling and handling, which gets the hands and the clothes messy.

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