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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits and Some Interesting Side Effects

A good number of people are already aware of the many Aloe Vera juice benefits. For those who may be seeking treatment beyond conventional medicine, the juice provides a real health option. All the nutrients contained in this miracle juice are perfectly combined in a way that is great for healing and repair.

Aloe Vera is laced with over 200 active ingredients that include minerals, amino acids, polysaccharide, and enzymes. It is the presence of fatty acids that makes the juice idyllic for treating a broad range of remedies.


The use of this highly acclaimed juice dates back almost 50 centuries ago to early Egyptian times. From the writings on Pharaohs tombs, it was used as an additive and was instrumental in guarding against tuberculosis and other respiratory problems.

The juice remained largely unpopular until the 13th century when Marco Polo took the plant to China and other part parts of the world during his expeditions.


Some of the benefits derived from the use of the juice include:

  1. Detoxifies the Body
    The juice made from Aloe Vera is an incredible natural option for detoxing. There’s a need to cleanse our internal body systems often to get rid of toxins accumulated primarily from stress, pollution, and junk food. One way to this is to use the Aloe Vera juice because it contains vitamins and minerals that can help the body deal with stress and strains.
  2. Promotes Digestion
    A healthy digestion is paramount if our bodies are to absorb all the nutrients found in the food we take. Besides its natural detoxifying abilities, the juice can enhance absorption not to mention that it can improve bowel regularity as well. The juice can also significantly reduce amounts of unfriendly yeast and bacteria found in the gut known to contribute to digestive problems such as heartburn.
  3. Boosts Immunity
    The antioxidants found in this juice help fight free radicals found in our bodies. These free radicals contribute to the process of aging, are the side effects of metabolism and cause various ailments as well. Taking Aloe Vera on a regular basis means that your body is free of radicals with the overall effect being a boost to the immune system.
  4. Helps Guard against Inflammation
    The juice contains up to 12 different substances that not only prevent inflammation but reduce it as well. This is done without any risk of side effects. It can also help with stiff, swollen joints.
  5. Promotes a Healthy Skin
    The juice helps repair the elastic and collagen thereby giving you a healthy skin. A new skin is formed after every 28 days which means that if you have nutritional building blocks that come with Aloe Vera your skin will use the nutrients everyday to help reduce aging. The juice also makes the skin supple and can remove skin irritations, cuts, and burns.
  6. Help in Weight Loss and Energy Regulations
    Your body cleanses naturally after taking aloe vera juice. A healthy diet is divided into many parts that can cause exhaustion and fatigue. However, this juice addresses such kind of a problem quite well which ultimately means that you have a feeling of well being thus helping you maintain a body weight that is healthy and by extension increased energy levels.
  7. Supplies the Body with Amino Acids
    To perform well, our bodies require about 20 different amino acids so as to build proteins. However, it is only able to produce 12 by itself. The Aloe Vera juice is laced with 7 of the crucial amino acids and 19 acids in total. Therefore, it easily fulfills your body’s daily needs.
  8. Alkalizes the Body
    Any doctor will tell you that diseases don’t thrive in an alkaline environment. Most of us consume acidic foods and ignore the rule that dictates that 80% of our foods should be alkaline. Since the juice made from Aloe is alkaline in nature, it can help make our bodies alkaline while balancing out the acidity levels at the same time.


While these remain as the primary benefits as far as Aloe Vera and its juice are concerned, other consumers have experienced slight side effects as a result of using this juice. Some of the side effects include:

  • Liver dysfunction – This comes as a result of taking more than the recommended daily amounts.
  • Nausea and Allergic Reactions – This also comes as a consequence of an overdose
  • Itches on the skin – Once in a while a consumer may experience itches and burns on the skin which is mostly caused by applying too much of the gel on the skin’s surface.
  • It should not be taken during pregnancy due to its irritant and purgative properties

Aloe Vera benefits far outweigh the side effects. The juice is quite beneficial to the consumer. A good number of its users have heaped praises on it and hailed it as the ultimate natural remedy for some ailments.


  • When purchasing it make sure that you’re buying it in its purest form. If it’s mixed with other ingredients, make sure that the said ingredients are clearly listed, so you know what is contained in the juice.
  • Watch out for organic juices as they may be laced with chemicals or artificial ingredients.
  • Don’t buy anything else other than the actual juice. If there are preservatives, let them be natural as well. There should be no artificial additives to the juice.

While it is strongly recommended that you explore the various Aloe Vera juice benefits, it is always important to consult a physician before settling on a long-term health routine. Be sure to do some research as well, as we explained above the juice also comes with side some effects.

Ultimately this wonder juice is one that is full of goodness and trying it out once in a while is without doubt a healthy decision.

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